Friday, July 6, 2012

On the Town: Mighty Skillet Brunch Truck

About a month ago, my co-workers once again declared it to be 'Food Truck Friday' and we headed downtown to Shaw Court where a half dozen food trucks where supposed to be located. I had my heart set on trying the Mexican food from Los Compadres but they were no where to be seen so I settled on the Mighty Skillet - mostly due to the lack of line up.

Boy was I fooled. I was instantly able to place my order but it took over 30 minutes to recieve my food. By this time all of my co-workers had made it through the impressively long line at the Red Wagon Diner, eaten their sandwhiches and were anxiously waiting for me to get my food so we could head back to the office.

I ordered the Savage Land Salad ($6.00) which featured a fried egg, bacon, cherry tomatos and fresh greens with a balsamic dresssing.

The amount of greens was a bit of a let down. The egg was perfectly cooked. The bacon was crispy but in akwardly large peices. The combination of flavours was definetly delicious... but not worth waiting 30 minutes for.

The salad does win points for the fact that it was the only grain-free, paleo-friendly option I have found on any of the food trucks.

Mighty Skillet Brunch Truck
Check out YYC Food Trucks for their current location
Rating: ♥ out of 10


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