Saturday, January 7, 2012

New in the Kitchen

This past year we must have been a good girl and boy because Santa brought us lots of new toys for the kitchen.

Kitchenaid Ice Cream Maker

This has been on my wish list forever. I have a long list of ice cream and sorbet recipes ready to put this to good use. We have already done an inaugural test with a classic vanilla recipe.

Kitchenaid Grainmill

This has been on Dave's wish list forever. Even though we have been trying to avoid eating bread lately, now at least when we do give into temptation it can be with home-made bread from home-milled flour. He is also hoping it will come in handy for his home-brewing experiments.

Jack Lalane Juicer

Although we generally try to avoid buying small appliances with a single purpose to avoid clutter in the kitchen, we couldn't find any acceptable alternates to a juicer and we both really wanted one. We have already put it to good use making carrot-apple-ginger juice for breakfast most mornings this week.

Silpat Silbread

I have long been a fan of Silpat liners when baking cookies and can't wait to try out the bread version. The perfect compliment to our grainmill!

Crockpot Slowcooker

My slowcooker died a couple of months ago and I have been desperately missing it. I can't wait to put my shiny new red one to use.

Making it Paleo, Bill Staley and Hayley Mason

I have followed their Food Lovers - Primal Palate blog for a long time and was quite excited when Dave got me their new cookbook to add to my collection. I have already tried several of the recipes and am quite impressed with how simple and tasty they make eating paleo. 

I can't wait to play with all of our new toys and post the recipes to share!



  1. lucky :) let me know how the ice cream maker works.
    candace k


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