Saturday, January 14, 2012

Eating Local: Spragg's Meat Shop

Today we picked up our meat order from Spragg's Meat Shop. We have previously ordered a side of pork from them and I am quite excited to have a freezer full of their delicious pork once again.

Spragg Meat Shop has a farm located in Rosemary, Alberta 170 km east of Calgary - just barely over 100 miles. Although their meat is not certified organic, the pigs are pasture raised, fed a vegetarian diet of barley and  faba beans grown on their own property and not fed unnecessary hormones or antibiotics.

We once again ordered a side of pork which includes picnic hams, chops, bacon, breakfast sausages and roasts. This time we also ordered chicken breasts, chicken thighs, and ground chicken. Since Dave wants to start experimenting with making his own sausage we also ordered sausage casings, pork fat, pork organs and pork shoulder butt.

Now the fun part... trying to fit it all into the freezer!


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